Lab501 overclocks HyperX memory with liquid nitrogen

Lab501 has managed to achieve three new world records by overclocking Kingston’s HyperX 2544MHz dual channel memory kit. 

Previous records were shattered by three members of the Romanian overclocking team: Matei Mihatoiu aka “Matose,” Tudor Badica aka “Monstru” and Razvan Fatu aka “Micutzu.”

The highest record achieved was 3600MHz at CL10, which stands as the world’s highest memory frequency using DDR3 memory.

Lab501 also hit world records of 3479MHz at CL9 and 3275MHz at CL8, deploying liquid nitrogen to chill the piping hot modules down to a cool -196°C.

“We have a long partnership with Kingston and we were looking forward to take our shot with their fastest dual channel memory kit in order to achieve at least one world record,” said the Lab501 team members.

“[They] provided us with the kit one week in advance, so after a few attempts and testing, [we were] quite confident the modules were capable of achieving some very impressive speeds.”

Additional photos of the overclocking session can be found here