AMD rolls out new Opteron processors

AMD is rolling out its Opteron 6200 and 4200 Series processors, formerly code-named “Interlagos” and “Valencia.”

According to AMD exec Margaret Lewis, the newest Opteron chips offer higher performance at a more reasonable price point than Intel’s Xeon lineup.  

The processors – which are available from 4 to 16 cores – also boast optimized scalability for virtualization with up to 73% more memory bandwidth. 

In addition, the chips provide more efficient economics for the cloud with half the power per core, requiring 2/3 less floor space and up to 2/3 lower platform price. 

“The reality of the world is that most mainstream business markets purchase middle-range processors, rather than the highest-end, priciest chips available,” Lewis told TG Daily

“Opteron offers more performance at a more reasonable price than Intel. Plus, AMD actually carries a consistent set of features across products lines, and doesn’t ‘de-feature’ processors going down the stack. As such, we feel that Interlagos and Valencia are well positioned to provide an optimal performance metric at a very good price point.”

Additional specs include:

  • The only x86 processor to support ultra-low voltage 1.25v memory.
  • Up to 24% to 84% better performance on key cloud, virtualization and HPC workloads.
  • Lower cost per virtual machine (VM).
  • Up to 4 memory channels with up to 1600 MHz memory.
  • Supports up to 12 DIMMs per CPU for up to 384GB memory per CPU.
  • Up to four x16 HyperTransport technology (HT3) Links at up to 6.4GT/s per link.