40-inch OEL screens on way

Sumitomo and Panasonic are to join forces to make a 40-inch OEL (organic electroluminescent) panel by 2010.

According to nikkei.net, the two firms will start production lines at Panasonic’s LCD plant in Japan.

That, according to rhe report, is only the start of a further series of product releases including a 40-inch OEL TV that will only consume 40 watts, be three millimetres thick, and 20 times brighter than plasma based TVs.

Sumitomo owns UK firm Cambridge Display Technology which had expertise in developing polymer organic LEDs.

If the joint venture is successful, Panasonic will make LCD, OEL and plasma flat panels, and even though Samsung has already released an 11-inch OEL TV some time ago, that technology won’t scale, it appears.

You can find the nikkei.net report here (subscription needed)