3D TVs make millions sick, companies still push production

One of the hottest trends in technology is 3D TV and content. From LG to Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic, all of the major manufacturers are jumping on the 3D bandwagon.

But the industry may be too gung-ho for 3D TV, as statistics seem to indicate that 3D TVs make millions of people either uncomfortable or sick.

Optometrists have determined that as many as one in four viewers have problems watching 3-D movies and TV. More technologists have commented on how viewing angle affects the experience, which makes 3D technology hard for large groups of people watching a movie from a couch or bed.

To address these problems, researchers have begun developing more lifelike 3D displays but sadly, the progress needed to compliment eliminate the problem is said to be years away.

Because of these problems and others, consumers haven’t been completely convinced that 3D is the next big thing.

Last year for example, was a huge year for 3D movies. Movies like Avatar and Toy Story 3 were able to command an extra $3 per ticket but it didn’t help the box office strike it rich. People spent a total of $10.6 billion dollars less on movie tickets last year, a figure which was already down for previous years.

Clearly, this isn’t slowing down the movie industry’s zeal about 3D technology.

Jeff Katzenberg, CEO of Dreamworks Animation SKG Inc., calls 3D media “the greatest innovation that’s happened for the movie theaters and for moviegoers since color.”

Aside from the general corporate excitement over the technology, theater owners like AMC Entertainment Inc. and TV giants like Panasonic are putting more than a billion dollars into upgrading movie theaters with 3D. TV channels like ESPN also want a piece of the pie and some are already started carrying 3D programs. 

But what about all the people that hate the experience? Is it just a matter of getting used to or could it actually be harmful for one’s health? 

There has been no real research done on whether or not 3D TVs are indeed bad for your health. Nintendo released a statement warning parents that kids ages 6 and under shouldn’t play the new Nintendo 3DS handheld with 3D technology because it may cause damage to developing eyes.

Most doctors worry the technology may turn developing eyes inward because 3D creates the illusion of depth by showing a different image to each eye. This forces the eyes to understand the image in a whole new, somewhat unnatural way.

On the other hand, companies like LG are experimenting with 3D TVs that convert the 3D image within the TV so both of your eyes see the same picture, and there are no glasses necessary and hopefully no inward eye turning damage.

Some optometrists are recommending watching 3D movies from far back in the theater, or by covering one eye… or by wearing an eye patch? Argghh… not sure about that, I think we’ll stick to 2D for awhile. 

(Via Fox News)