3D display doesn’t need glasses

Men seldom make passes at girls that wear glasses, said Dorothy Parket famously. But men that use computers and want to play 3D games will be able to soon, and without straining their eyes,  according to a report on Japanese site nikkei.net

NEC will bring out next year a display that includes technology which changes the way light moves in each LCD pixel, meaning that the right and left eye sees different images on the screen.

The report said that NEC will produce a number of 3D displays, all of which will have comparable resolution to regular LCD displays. The first will be a 12.1-inch model but it will also produce very much smaller display in the future, as well as screens for portable televisions.

And it’s not just computer gamers who will benefit from the technology, because it also has applications in the medical and industrial design fields.

Of course, 3D without glasses already exists in the form of autostereoscopy, but that’s apt to give you headaches. NEC seems to be promising a little more. The early 50s were the heyday of 3D films – with glasses. I remember being terrified as a small boy when knives were being thrown in a cowboy film, apparently out into the audience.

(Image on front page courtesy of Wikipedia). Nikkei.net is here (subscription needed).