32 nanometer technology gets a run through

Moore’s Law isn’t dead yet, and the semiconductor guys are already talking about 22 nanometer technology while the 32 nanometer process is for all practical purposes already a reality.

David Kanter, at Real World Tech, has produced a review and analysis of the 32 nanometer process technologies discussed at IEDM 2008 and VLSI 2009 and most interesting it is too.

The article discusses the semi industry’s move to 32 nanometer manufacturing using high-k dielectrics and metal gates (HKMG). A number of manufacturers have talked at VLSI 2009 about techniques they will use to make chips including transistor strain, immersion lithography, double patterning and even custom illumination.

Kanter discusses IBM and AMD’s work on a HKMG 45 nanometer process using silicon on insulator (SOI) which probably will never come to pass. Instead IBM and AMD will work to produce a 32 nanometer HKMG process which Kanter estimates will arrive in late 2010. He also discusses IBM and the “Common Platform” HKMG 32 nano process as well as Intel’s high performance process which will come to pass at the end of this year. TSMC will produce HKMG 32 nanometer and 28 nanometer process semiconductors next year, he says.

There’s more fascinating stuff on semi technology – click here to see the whole article.