$15,000 robot takes your place at the office

Do you have $15,000 to spend on a rather useless robot? No? Well, neither do we. But some greedy and clueless corporate types might.

Simply put, QB is an utterly unattractive “telepresence” droid whose only saving grace may be successfully reducing the number of sexual harassment claims filed in prudish corporate America.

Still, it is hard to imagine why even a company with extra cash to throw around would want to purchase QB – which creator Anybots describes as the world’s “first” professional-quality mobile (videoconferencing) proxy robot.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, Anybots CEO Trevor Blackwell believes remote-presence robots will add a “new layer” to the “engagement” available for a distributed workforce.

“The global Internet is now fast enough for millions of people to be streaming live video and 4G cellular data will soon be deployed everywhere,” explained Blackwell.

True enough.

But it is certainly quite a stretch to believe companies – even frivolous American ones – will shell out a cool 15 grand so that delinquent employees in ill-fitting clothing can laugh it up from the comfort of their messy living rooms.

And no amount of pathetic Silicon Valley marketing spin will change that.