GPS killer app: stalking, er, I mean flirting

Location based services are going to be hotter than a junebug dancing on a fat man’s grill. Flirtatious dating site hottie is hitting the “droid.” has launched its dating app for Android phones. While the site’s 1 million members makes it a relative newbie compared to giants like,, and eHarmony, Skout’s look and feel is sassy Web 2.0 and you can smell the hipster vibe even when separated from its inhabitants by a computer screen and miles of Internet cabling and routers. Obviously, I’ll never get anyone to notice me on the site. Damn you judgemental!

But, that doesn’t stop me from being excited about location based dating apps for mobile phones nor does it stop me from thinking is a little bud ready to blossom into full bloomerhood in the next couple of years.

What’s fascinating about is the way it kind of mirrors the mobile socialization of generations of young ‘uns who are probably never going to have to figure out how to bat their eyelids, or toss their hair in a flirtatious manner. It’s kind of sad, in the same way that it is kind of sad that we don’t have grand balls and dance cards anymore, and women who wear whalebone corsets.

Skout Founder Christian Wiklund opines in the usual press release-ish sort of way, “Singles in today’s fast paced world aren’t interested in a dating resource that takes days, weeks, or months to coordinate a first meeting. We are thrilled to reveal our location based flirting app for the Android so that 8 million new users have the opportunity to discover what our loyal membership base already has; Skout is the bridge that connects the online dating world with the real world.”

That bit about 8 million new users is a reference to the possible 8 million people who will have a chance to download the Skout app, and not a throng of loony flirters standing at the company doors with their droids shouting, “Give me a wink or give me death!”

Unfortunately, there is not a single app in the whole wide world, and I have looked, trust me, that will let someone see your inner beauty before you have to pony up a picture that wasn’t doctored or from a good day in high school.

Such are the limits of the Internets.