Google TV to get Android Market access "shortly"

W00t! A platform-specific version of the popular Android Market is expected to arrive on Google TV sometime in the very near future. 

”It will happen shortly,” Logitech VP Ashish Arora confirmed during a OTTCon keynote speech.

“It’s a given that it will happen this year, 100 percent.”

According to Arora – who was quoted by PCMag – the Market will offer access to a wide variety of (TV) relevant apps designed to enhance the overall broadcast experience.

“It won’t just be weather apps. What will be really interesting will be to tie the content to what you’re watching.”

So, will the Google TV store also allow users to download  mainstream apps originally designed for smartphones and tablets?

Well, according to CrunchGear’s Matt Burns, Google has “committed” itself to making the “entire” Android Marketplace available on its TV platform.

“Yeah, all the apps are coming to the Google TV platform: Angry Birds, Google Earth, Robo Defense,” wrote Burns. 

“They’re committed, for better or worse, to support the entire back catalog. I was assured that they are working on the scaling and they might look fine, but smartphone apps are fundamentally different than Google TV apps.”