Google teases Android@Home at I/O 2011

Android has thus far contented itself with residing on smartphone and tablet devices. 

But Google wants to shake up the status quo and usher in a new age of Android connectivity.

How, you ask?

Well, although details are rather scarce at this stage, Android@Home will allow apps to connect and communicate with appliances and devices in your place of residence.

Think of Android@Home as a control hub of sorts, which enables you to turn lights on and off from a tablet or smartphone.

Of course, the briefly teased feature won’t be limited to just lights, but rather, will likely act as a control center for everything from climate control to music and security systems.

Another related initiative – dubbed Project Tungsten – was also showcased at I/O 2011. 

A Google rep described Tungsten as an Android device for Music which gives users more control over audio playback within the Android@Home network.

The demo appeared to imply that Tungsten will enable users to stream audio directly from Google Music to any supported home (audio) device.