Google rolls out Android Honeycomb 3.1

Google is rolling out the first major update to its tablet-specific operating system.

Owners of the 3G Motorola Xoom tablet will be the first to download the fresh version of Honeycomb, as the upgrade is slated to be available over the air at some point today.

So, what’s new in 3.1?

Well, the latest iteration of Honeycomb offers USB host support, effectively allowing users to trick-out their Android tablets with keyboards, mice and gaming controllers.

In addition, tablet owners will be able to resize widgets and easily rent movies via the Android Market with a newly included app.

Interestingly enough, Android 3.1 will also hit Google TV this summer – finally providing users with a long-awaited option to access the Android Market.

As Phandroid’s Kevin Krause points out, the beauty of merging Honeycomb with Google TV means developers can develop a single application for deployment on TVs and tablets alike. 

“[Sure], news on the update was brief as far as Google TV-specific features, but the Android Team’s move towards a more uniform experience should translate to a very recognizable Honeycomb interface,” said Krause.

“[And while the] update will be available for current Google TV devices,  it was also announced that new hardware featuring key advancements is headed our way from Sony, Vizio, Samsung, and Logitech.”