Google fixes mysteriously disappearing Android apps

After numerous developers noticed that their apps were disappearing from the Android Market, Google has fixed an apparent internal bug and apologized for not keeping its developers in the loop.

Over the last week or so, developers who submitted updates to already-published apps noticed a problem. The apps disappeared.

That was aggravating enough, but as reports, the developers couldn’t even get a response from Google about the problem. It took the company 5 days to post a response to a posting on an official Android forum.

Today, almost a week after the problem first surfaced, Google said it was able to fix the issue.

On the official Android Developers Blog, Google wrote that the issue had been fixed, and the lost apps were assumedly restored to the Android Market.

As for the lack of response, Google said, “Regrettably, we fell short of our own standard for customer support by not communicating the issue to our developers and how we were working to resolve it.”