Google finally adds multi-touch support to Nexus One smartphone

Google has finally added multi-touch support to its Nexus One smartphone via an over-the-air update.

According to the Mountain View-based company, the software upgrade delivers a new pinch-to-zoom mechanism for the phone’s browser, gallery and maps applications.

In addition, the update is expected to provide a possible fix for serious 3G connectivity issues, along with a new version of Google Maps.

PC World’s JR Raphael explained that the lack of native multitouch support has been criticized as one of the primary “weaknesses” of the Nexus One and other Android phones.

Although Google has enabled multi-touch on its flagship Nexus One smartphone, it remains unclear when the feature will reach other Android-based devices.

Indeed, a spokesperson for the Mountain View based company recently told TechCrunch that multi-touch support is part of the Android 2.0 framework and will be included in the next OS update.

“However, it will be up to carriers and device manufactures to roll the updated software to these devices for browser, gallery, and maps applications,” added the spokesperson.