Google bans Kongregate from Android Market

Google has unceremoniously banned Kongregate from its Android Market after only one day on the virtual shelves.

Why, you ask?

Well, the Mountain View-based company issued an official statement claiming Kongregate was in “violation” of the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement which prohibits apps from allowing the downloading of other programs.

Unsurprisingly, Destructoid’s Jim Sterling reacted to the news by terming the move a really “stupid turn of affairs.”

“Kongregate Arcade [offers] support for over 300 Flash games on the Android. Exciting stuff, considering how woefully below standards the Android OS is when it comes to mobile gaming,” he wrote.

“[Now], since Kongregate lets you download some of its games, it was yanked. [But] I still do not like this at all.”

Meanwhile, Joystiq’s Randy Nelson noted that there was absolutely nothing in Google’s Android Market Distribution Agreement about forbidding devs from making apps available on the market wrapped in an individual apk.

Although Kongregate remains banned from Google’s Android market, the app (fortunately) can still be downloaded directly from the company here