Google: Android "fastest-growing" mobile platform in the world

Google CEO Eric Schmidt told Mobile World Congress attendees that approximately 300,000 Android devices are now activated on a daily basis.

According to Schmidt, the popular smartphone operating system remains the fastest-growing mobile platform in the world. 

The CEO also confirmed that the next version of Android is slated to be released in about six months, and will  consolidate features from both 2.3 and 3.0  (Honeycomb) in a single platform.

In addition, Schmidt noted that Chrome OS was appropriately positioned to compete in the lucrative PC market, where Microsoft remained Google’s most formidable competitor.

Finally, Schmidt said that Google had approached Nokia with an offer to adopt Android, but the latter chose Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 – a decision he hopes the Finnish company would reconsider in the future. 

Other notable statistics cited by Schmidt include:

  • Chrome – 6x faster than a traditional browser, boasting 120 million active users.
YouTube – 35 hours of video uploaded every minute, 2 billion views per day.
  • Android Market – 150,000 apps and counting.
  • Smartphones – Already surpassing PC sales.

(Via WSJ, Phandroid & Business Insider)