Google: Android 2.4 will be a de-fragmented Ice Cream Sandwich

Google showcased Android 2.4 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich – at I/O 2011 today in San Francisco.

Although Mountain View revealed very little about the latest and greatest version of its wildly popular mobile OS, company reps did say it would help address the the issue of fragmentation, as it moved Google closer to the goal of “one OS that runs everywhere.”

So, what does this mean for you?

Well, basically Android 2.4 merges the tablet-specific Honeycomb and smartphone 2.x into a single operating system.

The new OS will result in the creation of a single UI across all Android-powered devices, allowing devs to more easily create apps for the OS.

Which means, yes, more high-quality apps and games for you.

Last but certainly not least, Google confirmed that Ice Cream Sandwich would bring Honeycomb-style sliding widgets, a “holographic user interface,” USB (device) connection options and optimized multitasking abilities to all future Android 2.4 devices.

Ice Cream Sandwich will hit Android smartphones sometime during Q4 2011.