Glasses-free 3D company wants to make a CES splash

3D is bigger and better than ever these days, and it doesn’t take a genius to assume that next month’s CES will have 3D displays at every corner, but the question is who will win – glasses-free 3D or the more universally accepted 3D tech with glasses required?

The former is called autostereoscopic 3D and is already being used in the mass market with 3D digital photo frames and the built-in displays on 3D cameras. Previously it had been seen only in commercial applications, like digital signage and billboards.

The 3DS will be coming out next year, and will really make people aware of the fact that you can get a similar experience to watching a movie with 3D glasses as you can without them, if you have the right hardware.

We just got our first CES press release about a company that’s focusing on glasses-free 3D. iPONT will be at the Las Vegas Convention Center showing off its “multi-view” autostereoscopic tech.

One of the most publicized problems with glasses-free 3D is that you have to look directly head-on at the display to get the proper effect. But iPONT says its solution would allow viewing the display from an angle of up to 120 degrees. The company claims that’s a world first.

iPONT says it will be showcasing 3D YouTube videos, Blu-ray content, as well as streaming video at its CES booth. Sounds like a spot worth checking out.

Of course, there are very huge companies with a lot at stake in the stereoscopic (glasses-required) 3D technology, and they don’t want anything to steal their thunder. So even though one of the brilliant things of 3D was there wouldn’t be a format war, it looks like there will be after all.