Get ready for the iPad 2 in February

You want an iPad? That is so 2010. Seriously, if you wanna be up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology, you’ll need Apple’s official successor to the device, which is now rumored to come out in just two months.

Apparently Apple has sent notification to its overseas manufacturing partner, Foxconn, that production of the next-generation iPad will happen within the next 100 days.

This would come just barely a year after Foxconn began work on the original iPad, making the device’s life cycle extremely short. So that $600 – $700 gadget you just bought someone for Christmas will turn into something passe pretty quickly.

Of course, this is still just a rumor right now. The tip comes from tech news site Digitimes. However, it’s definitely believable. After all, when the iPad entered the market, it was a brand new, never-before-seen kind of device.

Now, there’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab and all sorts of other tablets on their way into the marketplace and Apple needs to keep on its toes to remain relevant.

Even though the iPad still has a stranglehold on the tablet market, one thing that is beginning to become the trend of this generation is that no one can rest on its laurels because someone will come along and overthrow the market leader if anyone gets too complacent.

There’s lots of room for improvement on the iPad, so we’ll keep the guessing as to what would be changed on the iPad 2 for another day. For now, expect to see the new gadget before the one year anniversary of the iPad’s retail sales debut.