General Dynamics deploys Android-powered "Pip Boy"

General Dynamics has introduced a rugged, battlefield-ready “Pip Boy” with an eight-hour battery life. 

The Android-powered device – which weighs in at less than 8 ounces – is capable of operating as an ultra-sensitive commercial GPS unit and interfacing with tactical radios for secure access to combat networks.

“The GD300 is a game-changing computer that will save lives,” explained GD spokesperson Mike DiBiase.

“We expect the [device to] become the most important 8 ounces of tactical communications and situational awareness equipment that a warfighter can carry.”

According to DiBiase, the Android-based OS easily accommodates current and emerging applications for soldiers at all command levels. 

“Operating in two distinct modes, the GD300 serves as a stand-alone GPS device or, when connected to a tactical radio, performs as a tactical mission computer.

“The GD300 [also] supports commercially available standalone applications or military ‘apps’ like the Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) System which is currently in use by the military.”

DiBiase added that the GD300 features a 600 MHz ARM processor, 8 GB of onboard flash memory, a sunlight readable display and functional control buttons typically found on any Android-based device.

“The 3.5-inch touch-screen display lets warfighters move information around, zoom in or out or place digital ‘markers’ on tactical maps with the touch of a gloved finger.”