Geezer Fanboi Mossberg: iPhone 4 is wicked cool

Unabashed Apple fanboi Walt Mossberg has opined – perhaps unbelievably so – that the iPhone 4 remains the “best device” in its class.

Why, you ask?

Well, according to the Mighty Mossberg, the reasons include: an ultra high-resolution screen; easy, integrated video calling; slick software; strong battery life; a remarkably thin body; and a “world-beating” selection of 225,000 third-party apps.

But wait, it gets better – Mossberg isn’t even all that bothered by the poor reception! 

“I have found that in areas with average or strong AT&T coverage and capacity, the iPhone performs better than its predecessor and about as well as other AT&T smartphones I’ve recently tested,” he claimed.

“[Yet], it still drops too many calls for my taste on AT&T’s heavily stressed network, which has experienced a stunning 5,000% rise in data traffic since the iPhone’s introduction in 2007. That data traffic reduces the network’s ability to handle voice calls.

“But I have had fewer, worst-case experiences than with the 3GS, and marginally fewer occasions when the call dropped even once. This experience may not be acceptable to some users, but it is, overall, an improvement.”

Unsurprisingly, Mossberg isn’t willing to put down his new toy, no matter what anyone else thinks. 

“After my six weeks of constant use of two iPhone 4s, I still believe it is, overall, the best device in its class…[And] despite the hot-spot issue and the exposed antenna, the iPhone 4 does better than the 3GS for me in decent coverage.”

However, Mossberg did concede that the iPhone isn’t for everyone. 

“I still wouldn’t advise adopting it as your primary phone if you live, work or travel in areas with poor AT&T reception, or if you prefer a network under less stress.”

So there you have it, folks! Once an Apple fanboi, always an Apple fanboi.