Gamers’ Den – Consoles to Turbo-charged Headsets

We can’t deny the fact that gaming is a crucial business and this industry was worth $75 billion in 2011 and now that we’ve crossed 6 more years, the numbers are certainly rising. With the current young generation being extremely crazy about video games, chances are high that you will have several games on your smartphone and 1 or 2 consoles armed with few heavy gaming sessions. But in case you wish to talk for extreme gaming pieces, we should restrain it to the PC this time. Nevertheless, let’s check out few of the video gaming gadgets that you can immediately buy.

#1: PlayStation 4

There are too many similarities between the XboxOne and the PlayStation 4 and this is why it is extremely tough to advise one over another. If you’re someone who opts for PS4, you would get easy access to a wide array of indie titles besides the wide range of third-party games which look way better than Sony’s console. PS4 will offer you a solid lineup of games which you might not get anywhere else.

#2: Razer Blade

No, this is not a good option for those who are looking for a cheap alternative to gaming but if you have deep pockets, the Razer Blade is something that will suit you best. This is simply a no-compromise gaming laptop and apart from the price, the only thing that is being talked about by the users is that it trades battery life for a 3200 X 1800 display.

#3: Xbox One

Xbox One had an indeed tough start but since then Redmond has been addressing them since the launch of last year. Whether it is being recommended for its monthly firmware updates or a $349 holiday package which includes a game and Kinect-less console, there are too many reservations in recommending it.

#4: Astro A50 wireless headset

It is true that there are various cheap gaming headsets out there in the market but this Astro A50 wireless headset is undoubtedly the best buy that you can make. They are extremely easy and incredible; also effortlessly easy to set up and operate. This headset has been priced at $300.

#5: Alienware 17

In case you’re hunting for a new gaming laptop, you should be smart enough to consider the Alienware 17. This is a machine which offers screaming performance which you can expect from this 17-inch gaming rig. This device is also extremely durable and comes with an attractive design as well. Its keyboard is world class quality.

Therefore, if you categorise yourself as a video game buff, the above mentioned five gadgets are definitely going to intrigue you. Start saving money and get your hands on the one that you prefer the most. For i-gaming fans, there are online gambling sites like Betting top 10 which can even assist you with your gambling passion.