Gameloft exclusive games get pre-installed on Galaxy Tab

One thing Apple has learned about the iPad is it thrives on gaming. Developers are re-programming their iPhone games for the larger screen and many are looking to the iPad as a new game system.

Samsung is starting to look down that path for the Galaxy Tab with a new deal with Gameloft.

Gameloft will dig into its pockets and pull out Asphalt 5 and NOVA (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance), existing games in its library, and brush them up in high definition for the launch of Samsung’s new device.

These are the first two games that have been specifically designed for the Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch touchscreen display.

The Galaxy Tab is an Android-powered tablet, in the same kind of vein as the iPad. However, it has a smaller screen, weighs less, and is more geared to on-the-go consumers who only have one hand free at a time.

Samsung will have a tough time competing with the iPad, obviously, especially since it’ll cost around the same. The device will go on sale with a launch price of $600, though mobile carriers will offer discounts if a customer signs up for a mobile data contract to power the device’s 3G Internet connection.

Gameloft’s two launch titles will be pre-installed directly onto the device. In addition, most apps on the Android market developed for Android phones should work on the Galaxy Tab. They will of course not be optimized for the new display size, but should still function appropriately.

It’s a device that will clearly have the cards stacked against it from the start, but it is the first true, real Android competitor to the iPad so it is true to pick up some traction from that fact alone. We just wish it were a bit cheaper…