Gameloft announces four titles for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft wants Windows Phone 7 to be THE platform when it comes to mobile gaming. It wants you to throw away any notion you have that iPhone gaming is cool. That’ll be tough, but at least Gameloft is helping it realize that ambition.

Mobile gamers in the UK, where Windows Phone 7 is available ahead of the US, can now buy the following games:

Assassin’s Creed

Earthworm Jim


Brain Challenge

The same title are all also heading to the US as well, where Windows Phone 7 will be launching early next month.

If the above titles look familiar to you, that simply means you’ve played a video game device in the last two years. Gameloft has been pimping them out all over the place, including mobile and console download platforms.

Windows Phone 7 is a reboot for Microsoft after its Windows Mobile and, more recently, Kin product lines fell by the wayside. The new service will be heavily integrated with Windows Live, including the Xbox infrastructure. Gamers will actually be able to unlock achievements and add to their Gamerscore by playing games on their Windows Phone 7 device.

When it comes to mobile gaming, though, iPhone is king, and that’s going to be one tough crown to overthrow.