Galaxy S Gingerbread update is a total snafu

Samsung really doesn’t have a lot of luck when it comes to updating its Android phones.

The latest problem is with UK carrier Vodafone, which has had to pull a previously released update bringing its version of Samsung’s high-end Android line to version 2.3.

This comes after Samsung was under heavy scrutiny last year. It was one of the last manufacturers to update its phones to Android 2.2, arguably the most significant Android update to date. The huge delay spurred rumors about Samsung intentionally putting it off and not allowing carriers to update, in order to make its newer, more expensive phones look more attractive and encourage customers to upgrade earlier than they might have otherwise.

With this most recent snafu, though, it looks like the Galaxy S product architecture just isn’t amenable to updates. Samsung had given the go-ahead to update to Android 2.3 but Vodafone said it was plagued with errors. The carrier claims other mobile operators are affected as well, but they have not yanked the update.

Vodafone did not specify what the exact issues were, and there had been no widespread reports of catastrophic problems after the update was released.

The carrier claims it is working hard with Samsung to get everything resolved.