G2 and entirely new Android cellphone code-named Fiesta spotted in the wild

Chicago (IL) – A
prototype Android G2 smartphone has left traces in the
U.S., suggesting that G2 is close to
launch now, with a possible May 1 introduction in both Europe and the
U.S. While we wait the arrival of the second Android-powered cellphone, we also keep close eye on three new Android
handsets that Samsung announced. Also, a user group leaked a mysterious new HTC Android
handset code-named “Fiesta.”

Android G2 (HTC Magic) smartphone
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HTC Magic,
the second Android cellphone, has been spotted in the
Flurry mobile analytics database. Owners of a G2 prototype who have purchased and installed the analytics software on the phone accidentally
revealed that someone out there, in the U.S., is actively
testing the G2 in the wild
. The news comes as a surprise since it was
believed that the G2 was planned for a European arrival on May 1. A U.S. introduction was believed to happen later and as soon as  key European territories have been covered.

Vodafone confirmed it will initially launch the G2 in the UK, Spain, Germany,
France and Italy on a non-exclusive basis, with more countries to
follow soon thereafter. This does not necessarily
mean that Vodafone will automatically become the exclusive G2 carrier in
the U.S. (through its Verizon joint-venture). Some think that T-Mobile,
who offered the first Android handset on an exclusive basis in the
U.S., will continue carrying the G2, G3 and subsequent Android cellphones
in the U.S. exclusively. The carrier certainly plans more Android devices,
including a home phone and a tablet computer scheduled for a 2010
release. While field testing suggest imminent release for the HTC
Magic, also known as Sapphire, it will not be the only Android-powered smartphone to arrive this year.

Our readers will remember that Samsung confirmed
last week its plans to market three Android smartphones this year, two
of which will go to U.S. carriers. In addition to the three Samsung
phones, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group also leaked another possible Android handset labeled in their certifications as HTC Fiesta. First described as “an Android phone,” the description was changed to just “a phone”
when news outlets started picking up the news. Fiesta is allegedly
aimed for launch in the U.S., Asia and Europe.