Fusion Garage unfazed by Arrington’s JooJoo lawsuit

Fusion Garage has issued an official response to a lawsuit filed by Michael Arrington over its controversial JooJoo Internet tablet.

The company statement addressed a number of claims made by Arrington and assured customers that deliveries of the tablet remained firmly on schedule.

“Since our first public statements on the JooJoo, we have taken the high road regarding past interactions with Arrington and TechCrunch,” read the statement.

“We find Arrington’s ongoing attempts to bully public opinion and members of the media to be the sad rants of a person championing a losing cause.”

The statement also rebuffed allegations that the JooJoo tablet was based on Pegatron’s IP.

“[We] established [a] relationship [with Pegatron] after Arrington’s promises of hardware development support proved to be hollow.”

“??[We are] now working with another top tier ODM to develop a completely new board and mechanical layout that is the basis for the JooJoo. To state, as the lawsuit and accompanying blog post do, that Fusion Garage’s joojoo is based on any Pegatron IP is false.”

The company added that it was “proud” to have introduced the JooJoo tablet, which prompted a slew of “positive feedback” from industry influencers and media.

“We have received more than 6,000 email inquiries to our website and pre-orders to date have exceeded our expectations,” claimed Fusion Garage.

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