Full Skype app comes to Verizon Android

Android users with a Verizon subscription can now rejoice, as Google and Verizon are now allowing an app that lets people make Skype-to-Skype calls completely free.


This is the first time that a fully enabled version of Skype has been made available for Android customers. It works fine with the Droid and is available in certain countries. It does not work with every Android phone.

In fact, it is developed for Android 2.1. It works fine if your phone has Android 2.2, but it doesn’t take advantage of the new functionality that the latest operating system supports.

Customers can currently make Skupe calls over Wi-Fi or 3G if they have an unlimited data plan. It makes the need for an actual voice plan less and less relevant.

Verizon first made Skype available for the Droid and other Android devices earlier this year, but placed heavy restrictions on it that made it a very unreliable replacement for voice calls. A lot of those restrictions have been lifted.

Here’s a video that shows all the Skype features that can now be used by Android: