Fujitsu fights back over iPad name

Apple may well have a fight on its hands from Fujitsu, which has just remembered eight years later it still has a product called the iPad.

But it isn’t the only company that has products called an iPad. According to the New York Times, there’s a Canadian firm called Coconut Grove Pads that makes iPad padded bras

Fujitsu, in fact, led the way on the touch tablet front for the Windows CE operating system and now has a beef that could tip over into a full blown legal fight.

But it’s a bit complicated. While Fujitsu filed the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office, another company called Mag-Tech had first dibs on the name, and last year Fujitsu’s iPad application fell into disuse.

Meanwhile, in the middle of last year, Apple applied for the iPad name and is actively opposing Fujitsu’s attempts to make it theirs. While the Coconut Grove Pads company is unlikely to get any traction in an action with Apple, Fujitsu might well do.

Apple and Cisco sorted themselves out over the iPhone name some years ago after the networks giant discovered it had trademarked the name.

Now everything seems to have the letter “i” in front of it. Intel, quite some years ago, tried to trademark the letter “i” – it failed, otherw*se we’d be on a pretty st*cky w*cket even wr*t*ng th*s last paragraph.

The New York Times tale is here.