Free Skype WiFi Access All Weekend

It’s raining free Skype WiFi this weekend. Around the world. The whole freakin’ wide world. Freakin’ free!

Full disclosure: I love Skype. Been using it for years. Skype Access is the company’s WiFi pay as you go plan. Sort of. It’s actually a way of using WiFi hotspots using your Skype account and balance. Find a hotspot and if it is in this list then you’ll get a Skype Access pop-up that gives you the option of taking the money for it out of your Skype account.

This weekend, March 20 through 21, Skype will be offering free WiFi at over 100,000 hotspots around the world to celebrate the launch of Skype Access. Free is a very good price. WiFi hotspots should be free all of the time, but that’s not the case so, for now, let’s bask in this moment.

After the free weekend? Well, I guess it’s about 19 cents a minute. A bit pricy for a lengthy stay, but very convenient for quickies. Everyone loves a quickie at a hotspot. Or so they say.