Flickr launches Android app

Yahoo-owner Flickr has unveiled its first Android app – some two years after the iPhone version – with a new social feature called Photo Session.

The free app allows users to take photos, filter them and upload them directly to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. A custom viewfinder allows various different aspect ratios, and functions such as flash and shutter focus are also included, along with ten filters.

“Browsing and navigating has been custom designed for Flickr to make use of maps, tags, and activity around your photos,” says the company’s senior community manager Zack Sheppard.

“You can stay up to date with the latest comments and activity on your photos and take advantage of gorgeous full screen browsing and slideshows.”

Meanwhile, Photo Session allows users to flip through their photos with friends in real time for a live slide show. It works by generating a unique URL that can be sent to up to ten friends; when they click on it, they can join the group viewing the pics.

It’s possible to annotate photos or simply give your best friend a moustache: “Seamlessly flip through photos while you doodle on parts of the photo with the drawing tool and chat away with each other, all at the same time,” says Flickr.

A photo session stays open for 24 hours. “So you can invite others to join you immediately or start the session and plan to meet there when it’s convenient for everyone. i.e. “Lets talk at 9:00. Meet me at this URL and I’ll show you my pics from my last trip http://… ” says Flickr.

Because Photo Session is currently still only a preview, browser and device support is limited to the iPad, iPhone 4.2, and Firefox version 4 or higher, Safari 5 or higher, and Chrome 12 or higher. The company says it hopes to extend support in the future.