First dual-core Android handset goes to LG

Samsung has its Galaxy S, Motorola has the Droid, HTC has the Evo, and now it’s time for LG to step up its game. And boy, is it rising to the occasion.

According to leaked information obtained by Engadget, LG is working on a massively powerful Android phone – so powerful that it has Nvidia’s Tegra 2 under the hood. That will make it the very first Android handset running on a dual-core.

Reportedly code-named the “Star,” this massive device has a 4-inch display, an 8-megapixel camera, and the ability to record video in 1080p HD.

Processing power will be relatively standard, with a 1 GHz chip and 512 MB of RAM.

What isn’t known is which version of Android will be installed. Given these specs, it will certainly be upgradeable to at least Android 3.0, which is due out some time next year and is poised to really up the standards for Android moving forward.

The product will reportedly be hitting stores next year, though nothing has been leaked about which carrier might be providing service for it.

So, for the 2011 Android game, eyes are already on LG, which certainly looks like it’s meeting the need to step up its presence in the mobile world.