Facts You Must Know About NBN Ready Phone Systems

The job of management at a company is to always find ways for the company to compete and win against all levels of competition. Small and medium sized companies today can use new technology tools to help them compete with any sized companies no matter their size or where they operate.

One really important tool that companies can purchase is an NBN phone system sometimes called a hosted PBX phone system. These next generation phone systems offer a range of benefits for small companies that help them to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some of the benefits that small and medium sized companies can benefit from the most.

Easy to Setup and Move

NBN phone systems utilize a cloud connection as the backbone of the system instead of a brain unit placed at the business. This means that companies who use this type of system have an easy setup and low costs as well. There is no need for a high-priced technician to run wiring throughout your office and everywhere there needs to be a phone. It is a wireless connection if preferred and set up is quick and easy. The brain of the phone system is maintained at the provider’s office and upgrading or moving your system is easy as well. To upgrade your system, you simply need to purchase more handsets for any new employees and to move your system, you only need to take your handsets to your new office location and things can be set up for you there as easily as before.

You Will Have Wonderful New Features


SMEs are in a constant battle to utilize their funds in a smart way. This often means being careful about who they hire. Today a receptionist is an expense that can break the bank, but the position is one that can be very valuable in making a company look legitimate. An NBN phone system offers a robot-assistant that can answer phone lines and direct calls to specific extensions at your company. You can determine which departments you want and then have them listed in a menu that is presented to callers. A robot-assistant makes your company seem larger and more professional to any ringing your phones.

Call Monitoring /Call Mentoring

Small companies often lack the ability to train their employees like big companies and it costs them in sales and customers. Call monitoring/call mentoring allows management to listen in on a customer call and provide mentoring and during the call. Your employee can hear the advice being given by management on the call, but the customer only hears your employee. This process allows employees to be trained in real world situations.

Full Remote and Mobile Features

Many employees today want to work from home or spend the vast majority of their time in the field and yet they still need phone features like that of the company phone system. NBN phone systems allow mobile and remote users to have full access to all of the phone system’s features. There is remote calling, advanced answering services, and employees can monitor their messages away from the office and even change outgoing messages wherever they are.