Facebook Android update almost makes it worth using

As revolutionary and popular as Facebook is, we’ve never really much cared for the social networking site’s mobile apps. A newly redesigned version of Facebook for Android, though, is at least an improvement.

The Facebook Android app is annoying because you can’t see your complete Wall activity, it’s not easy to change your profile information, and you can’t look through all of your or your friends’ photos in a single shot. Those are just a few of the reasons why we generally prefer to just use Facebook’s mobile sites. Unfortunately, none of those issues are addressed with the latest update.

However, Facebook 1.5 for Android does bring an important addition – Chat. Something that should have been implemented a long time ago into the mobile app is now available, allowing users to chat with their Facebook friends on the go.

The iPhone app is more feature-rich but still lacks the intuitive look and feel of the actual Facebook.com website. Because smartphones have full Web browsing capabilities, it makes sense to just use the full HTML Facebook.com site if you really want to use all the social networking platform has to offer.

Facebook’s apps are still, in our opinion, mediocre. But hopefully if the site continues to roll out updates they’ll actually be worthy pieces of software at some point in the future.