Extreme Makeover: T-Mobile Store Edition

If it wasn’t gaining so much attention from being sued by everyone, we would almost forget that AT&T is trying to buy out T-Mobile.

The latter carrier seems to be chugging right along about its daily business, and is even investing money into making its brand stronger than ever, in spite of the fact that it has already agreed to be swallowed into the AT&T name.

Case in point – T-Mobile is giving its retail store locations a huge facelift. The new layout looks more modern, in line with 21st century store designs, specifically the Apple Store.

That is to say, the stores are adding hardwood floors and a whole lot of open space, leaving product examples on stark white tables sprinkled throughout the storefront.

T-Mobile apparently took the design from its parent company, Deutsche Telekom, whose European stores have a similar layout.

“With the continued complexity of wireless choices, T-Mobile is always looking to help simplify the consumer retail experience and make it more personal for each customer. While we’ve continually been honored for our customer service, we have found ways to make the shopping experience even better with this new design,” said T-Mobile senior director of store development Debra Coates.

T-Mobile has sort of blended into the background in this world of smartphone explosions. It gained a lot of traction in 2008 because it became the first to offer an Android phone, but as other carriers took the Android ball and ran with it, T-Mobile has failed to keep up.

Nevertheless, with a memorable advertising campaign and now a renewed focus on the in-store experience, perhaps it can gain back some momentum, something that will very important if the AT&T deal does indeed fall through.