Expect lots of OLED TVs by Yuletide

2016 is a fair way away, but by then the stargazers say the market for OLED panels will be worth $7.1 billion.

The stargazers work at Displaysearch and say that for the first time in the first quarter of 2009, active matrix (AM) OLED revenues were greater than passive matrix (PM) OLED.

The reason for that is because Samsung, Sony and Ericsson and Nokia pushed AMOLED mobile phones for all they worth in the first half of this year, with over 10 models released so far.

Jennifer Colegrove, director of display tech at Displaysearch, said: “AMOLED displays have become an important differentiating feature for high end electronic products. AMOLED is likely to  pass PMOLEDs in unit shipments in 2010. There will be about 20 new or upgraded AMOLED production lines installed or upgraded worldwide in the next three years.”

The market may be worth $7.1 billion in 2016, but it’s a fair way lower than that right now – OLED display revenue in Q1 was $143 million.

Sony, LG Display and Samsung Mobile Display are likely to have OLED TVs for sale during the upcoming holiday season. Colegrove said the manufacturers will make TV panels greater than 11-inches this year. LG Display will mass produce 15-inch AMOLED panels for TVs by the end of his year, while LG Electronics said it will commercialize 15-inch OLED TVs for the holiday season.