Evo 4G launch hits snag with newly discovered glitch

HTC’s Evo 4G phone will officially launch this weekend, bringing with it an introduction to 4G data, exclusive HD video applications…and the inability to save anything to the packed-in MicroSD card.

In an unfortunate bit of news for HTC and Sprint, a fraction of users who received early units of the Evo 4G have been reporting that any attempt to save a file to the 8 GB MicroSD card that comes with the phone, results in an “insufficient file permissions” error.

These are the same retail, packaged units that are on their way to Sprint stores across the country at this very momenth.

“We have seen this crop up intermittently in some of the Evo 4G devices. We have identified the cause, are testing a solution and expect to have a software solution available very shortly that will be automatically pushed to phones over the air,” said HTC spokesperson Keith Nowak in a Wired.com interview.

However, Nowak added that in “most cases,” swapping out the card or going through a power cycle will resolve the problem.

It’s certainly not a dealbreaker for the early adopters who want to be among the first users ever to tap into Sprint’s limited 4G mobile data network. The brand new spectrum offers cell phone download speeds of up to 10 times faster than what current 3G phones can offer.

The Evo 4G costs $200 for those who sign up to a new contract with Sprint, and data plans are subject to a $10 4G surcharge over the price of 3G plans.