SXSW raises money for Japanese quake victims

The SXSW (South by Southwest) community has kicked off fund-raising efforts in conjunction with the Red Cross to help raise funds for Japanese quake and tsunami victims.

The targeted goal?  $10,000 in 4 days.

“We, at SXSW Interactive can make a difference. We can raise funds for the American Red Cross to provide disaster relief in Japan,” read a statement on

“Donate now to the American Red Cross or create a fundraising page to raise support.”

As TG Daily previously reported, the 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit at around 2:45pm local time today (Friday), killing hundreds of people, destroying buildings, causing widespread fires and generating tsunamis across the Pacific Ocean.

In addition, tens of thousands of people were displaced, as Prime Minister Naoto Kan confirmed the “enormously powerful” earthquake had caused “tremendous damage over a wide area.”

Donations can be made here.