Sprint makes history again with fastest 3D 4G phone

AT&T may be the first to launch a ‘4G’ phone phone with 3D capabilities to the market, but Sprint says AT&T’s network is really just ‘faux G.’

That comment received a smattering of laughs today at a Sprint event in Orlando, where Sprint officially lifted the curtain (literally) on the Evo 3G. The phone will become Sprint’s 22nd 4G device, but only the first to have 3D technology.

Just like the several other glasses-free 3D devices that have emerged over the last several months, the Evo 3D incorporates a wall of tiny mirrors within the display, making it so that the display, despite being flat, appears as though it has depth.

So it can stream 3D movies without a hitch. In fact, it looks pretty darn impressive. But Sprint says the bigger picture is with user-generated content. That’s why the Evo 3D incorporates two 5-megapixel lenses right next to each other to capture pictures and video in 3D as well.

Then, either play back the 3D content right on the Evo, or for a cinematic experience, plug in an HDMI cable directly from the phone to a TV, even if it’s one of those glasses-required 3D TVs, and you’ll see your life in full-scale 3D.

If all this 3D madness starts to give you a headache, no worries. You can easily remove the 3D effect when you don’t want it. Everything will still be rendered just fine in 2D.

And with this phone, that’s nothing to balk at. With two 1.2 GHz processors running independently of one another, Sprint says this monster is more powerful than any other smartphone that’s been announced to date.

As for pricing and availability, that’s a whole ‘nother dimension, and both are topics Sprint did not touch.