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Simple Steps to Make your Wedding Memorable

The wedding is the most important and most awaited event of anyone’s life. All of us like to plan ahead how our wedding will look like and what special things we can do to make it a lot more memorable. Planning a wedding, in reality, is a very exhausting process which requires a good deal of investment of time, effort and emotions on behalf of everyone. Wedding planner such as ctiparty can greatly help you in arranging the wedding of your dreams, you can reach them by following this link. You can make use of the following tips to make your wedding a memorable one for everyone:

Create a Photobooth:

Photobooths are the buzz talk of most of the parties today. These booths offer a chance to capture some of the most precious moments and special guests of your wedding in a creative an enjoyable manner. You can add different props, games and wish sections alongside your photobooth. Your guests will simply love taking fun pictures in this place- not to mention the joy of viewing the pictures once the wedding is over.

Please the little ones:

Kids can be a tricky part of any wedding. Young kids get bored with the event proceedings and are bound to care less for your fancy wedding cake than you do. Couples face a lot of difficulty in deciding whether they should invite children to their wedding or not. The simple solution to keep the children busy is to set up an activity area for little ones. In this way, everyone can enjoy your wedding and go home happy.

Pep up your toasters:

The speeches given by your toasters will be remembered by your guests for years to come. Toasters tend to get emotional and prolong their speeches which can bore the guests. Prior to the wedding, pep up your toasters and urge them to keep speeches only 2-3 minutes long. This will leave a more powerful impact on the minds of attendees.

Offer creative party favors:

Getting creative with party favors is promised to go in your favor. Gone are the days when the couple would give away wedding mementos to the attendees. It is the age of DIY gifts, crafty accessories and fun party favors. You can also set up a part favor station with all the supplies so that the guests can design their own keepsake.

Plan an “End of the night surprise”:

Guests tend to leave the wedding right after the ceremony instead of sticking around the whole wedding day. In order to keep the interest of your guests, you can tease them with the idea of a special “End of the Night surprise”. This will make your guests attend the whole of your wedding without getting bored.

Pick simple, delicious eats:

Wedding meals do not necessarily have to be 3-course dinners. You can arrange fun buffets with lots of comfort food such as mini-burgers, French fries, nuggets and chicken wings etc. In this way, your guests will have a chance to customize their meals according to their taste.