Sexting attracts teens to Blackberry Messenger

Sexting is bad according to LG Electronics, but it may be good for RIM, which has seen a record number of teens and young people signing up for a blackberry over the past year, attracted mainly by the magnetic pull of its Blackberry Messenger service.

“A lot of kids say they would rather a Blackberry than an iPhone because of BBM,” a Blackberry spokeswoman told TG Daily at a Mobile World Congress (MWC) press event on Monday night. 

“They like to be able to message their friends, and even flirt with random strangers” she added, alluding to a phenomenon by which people search for others’ Blackberry PINs online.

Just what parents want their 16 year old sons and daughters to be doing.

This also blazes a new trail for RIM, which has – until very lately – been almost exclusively focused on the enterprise and business user. But teens seem to flocking to Blackberry in droves, with the number one reason being the free messaging service which makes SMSing friends somewhat obsolete.

“Over the past few months I’ve started to see a lot of young girls and guys, teenagers and university students choosing Blackberry because they realize its social and rich media capabilities,” the Blackberry spokeswoman told us. 

“Young people want a phone that lets them use Facebook, Twitter, MSN, video, has a decent camera, and we have all that. Plus, the attraction of Blackberry is proving to be a very strong incentive.”

Guess Sexting sells.