LG’s very simply named "B" phone outed

Guess what, Apple? The iPhone 4 will have to step aside as the world’s skinniest smartphone. There’s a new entry from LG on the way, and in addition to having the slimmest name on the market, it’ll also have the slimmest form factor.

The “B” was outed on Android fansite Phandroid and then later, mistakenly, confirmed by LG on Twitter. That Twitter post was later deleted.

In addition to being the new thinnest smartphone, the “B” can probably take the prize of having the shortest name. Its one-letter moniker is suggested to stand for “bright,” as the device supposedly has an extra bright display.

Of course, no one knows for sure what the reason behind the curious one-letter name is. All we know is this baby will be front and center at LG’s booth next month, surely along with a number of other Android devices.

When people aren’t talking about 3D, they’ll be talking about Android at CES, and there looks to be quite a bit of news that’ll break. We’re excited to really see all the new Android devices that come out of the world’s biggest trade show when the festivities begin in the first full week of January. [[LG]]