Lady Gaga unveils line of Polaroid products

Wanna capture your next Bad Romance on film? There’s a camera for that, and it comes to us from Polaroid and Lady Gaga.

This camera isn’t just some lame-o point-and-shoot monstrosity like everything else on the market. No, sir. It’s a pair of sunglasses with the camera built into the frame.

“This is the first ever pair of sunglasses that can be worn out to protect your eyes from the sun and they can also take pictures,” said Gaga as she unveiled the product at CES, reports PC World.

The glasses are capable of shooting both still photos and video, and are stored internally. There’s a memory chip located in an earpiece, which also has a USB slot for transferring the files.

So, there’s no LCD screen to play back the content you’ve captures, right? Think again. There are built-in screens in the sunglass lenses, so you can look at your photos and videos that take up your entire line of vision.

The sunglass cameras were inspired by a pair of glasses she used on her Fame Ball tour. The glasses were made out of iPod screens.

And when you’re done snapping all the photos, you can buy the GL10 mobile photo printer to print them out. Although, it’s not actually designed as a complementary product to the sunglass camera. It’s designed more to pair with your cell phone, as it has Bluetooth connectivity. It will not, however, work with the iPhone.

And finally, if you do want a nerdy old-school camera, Gaga is launching one of those too. But what’s cool is it has a throwback to classic Polaroid days, with the ability to print out photos instantly, directly from the camera.

All three of the items will be available some time later this year.