Expect Google TV to make a CES splash

January’s 2011 CES show may very well be the moment when Google’s TV operating system goes from neat concept to market-dominating super power, as more companies are expected to add to the repertoire of Google TV-enabled products, highlighting the important of Internet-powered TV sets moving forward.

That’s according to a report from Bloomberg, which cited “people familiar with the matter.” Those sources said Toshiba and Vizio will definitely be showing off a Google TV device, and other companies might too.

In addition to 3D, Internet-powered TVs are expected to be a big draw at the upcoming trade show, and there is no bigger name in that arena than Google TV.

After creating the country’s most popular smartphone operating system, Google now looks to conquer the TV world as well. Google TV is unique because it gives viewers full, unfettered access to the Internet, with a special version of Google Chrome pre-installed.

It also runs every app without interrupting the TV or movie content you’re watching. This is very different than similar offerings from Samsung, Sony, or others, which force apps to dominate the entire screen.

Most of these manufacturers already have their own internally-developed TV operating systems, so the fact that Google has been able to get them to accept its software is a huge boost for the search giant.

Google’s share price is now at an unbelievable $594.97.