ESPN 3D now a 24/7 3D channel

It was exactly one year ago when ESPN launched a revolutionary new 3D channel, the very first of its kind in the world. Now it has something else to announce – making that channel live 24 hours a day.

When ESPN 3D launched last year, it was only airing programming for specific live events. A total of 60 sporting events were aired over ESPN 3D in 2010.

Now, thanks to that back catalog, when there isn’t a live game ESPN 3D will air previously taped events. This makes it the only multi-carrier 3D network with 24/7 programming.

ESPN 3D also only airs 3D commercials, so this news must mean it has found good advertising partners to air a constant 3D stream.

“As we continue to expand the number of 3D events on the channel, it made sense operationally to transition ESPN 3D to a 24-7 network. We’ve been very pleased with the rate at which our affiliates have adopted ESPN 3D in its first year and we continue to look for new ways to serve fans, advertisers and affiliates with the best 3D sports content available,” said the network’s executive VP Sean Bratches.

The next live ESPN 3D broadcast will be today at 10:30 PM Eastern Time, with the Los Angeles vs Phoenix NBA game.