Amazing Wedding Prep to Improve Your Big Day

Planning and preparing for a wedding is an exciting time, but it can also be pretty stressful as well. This is why you need to make sure you think carefully about the different elements that make up a wedding, and how important they are. It is easy to overlook small less important aspects of your wedding day, but it is important that each small step in creating your dream wedding gets an equal amount of thought and attention in order to have your special day run ASAP! (As Smooth As Possible). Consider what it takes to improve your big day and have the wedding of your dreams right now.

This means you need to assess what it is about the process that needs attention, and the different parts of the wedding that you want to sort out. There are a lot of different things that should be accounted for, and this is something that you need to think hard about. Consider what it takes to improve the wedding, and make use of these ideas to help you get the most out of your special day.

– Choose the Perfect Venue

It is very important to make sure you think about the right venue for your big day. Now, this is something you have no doubt sorted out a long time prior to getting married. There are so many different things you need to keep in mind when it comes to improving and enhancing this, and you have to identify the right venue before you get started. This is going to be be the venue in which your whole wedding will be based, and it is important to get this right. There are so many things to consider when contemplating a venue; weather, season, capacity, budget, style or theme, and even parking. I know some of these things may not seem important for a lot of people but trust me, when picking a venue, every little aspct matters.

Picking out Your Wedding Dress

Now, out of all the steps in the process of creating the perfect Wedding, this may come as one of the most important steps. Despite all your efforts for creating the perfect venue and picking the perfect type of flowers, those are all secondary to this step. Although those are very important, all of your guests will be looking and you in your dress with your partner for 95% of the Wedding Ceremony. Do not worry though, this is also one of the most fun and exciting steps in the process. This is the time where you collect your closet friends, most likely your Bridesmaids, and go dress shopping for as many hours until you find that perfect dress.

However, there are still some things to consider when finding and buying that perfect dress. Most importantly, it is crucial that you buy a dress that is compatible with the dresses your Bridesmaids will be wearing. You want the dress and the style to flow as much as possible when you and your bride tribe are up on that alter together. It is crucial that your dresses as a group go together and flow smoothly. This is a day that will be remembered for the rest of your life and will have pictures hanging in your home for the rest of your life so it is important that you and your best girls dresses are aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Another important thought to consider is getting and dress that matches all those flowers that we mentioned were so important. Now this isn’t something that will make or break your wedding, but it is definitely something that can make your wedding pop just a little more.

– You Need the Right Flowers

Flowers hold a number of different symbols and analogies for many different occasions and ceremonies. For Weddings, certain flowers such as roses and carnations represent the love, bond, and unity of two people. However, there are some flowers with a little more negative connotations that are important to steer clear of on your special day such as Begonias that symbolizes caution and hostility. As you can see flowers are extremely important for your special day especially if you or anyone at your Wedding may be a little suspicious.

That being said, flowers also offer another extremely important characteristic for your Wedding. Flowers are a massively important for marking the occasion in style, and a great way of allowing you to add important touches to the wedding. Without the right flowers you are going to have a day devoid of color and character. So you need to make sure you get this sorted as much as you possibly can. This will help you moving forward and allow you to get the day off on the right sort of track and give the right energy, elegance and aroma to your venue.

Music For The Reception

There is nothing worse than having a party where the music is bumping and blasting and people are just sitting around not motivate to dance. This is why it is so so so important to have a killer playlist that people will dance to. There are some guidelines that if followed correctly, will guarantee to have your guests up and heating up that dance floor.

Firstly, one of my favorite ideas is asking the guests to request a song before they even arrive. I came across a wedding invitation that consisted of the general wedding invitation content with an RSVP, and at the end stated, “I Promise to Dance if you play ______”. I think this is an amazing idea because it allows the guests to request a song that they know they can/will dance to and encourages them to promise to dance to that song if it does come on.

Another big tip for finding the right music is that classics are classics for a reason. I know it is easy to get caught up in playing your favorite songs which definitely deserve to be played once or twice however, a lot of people may not have the same taste in music and in today’s world, there are so many genres of music it is easy to find some songs that some people may have never heard of. That is why it is always a safe bet to play the classic jams that just make people want to move as soon as it comes on. Songs like Twist and Shout, September, and Sweet Caroline are all songs most people know the lyrics to and are songs where people cannot help but to move and sing.

– Take Care of the Wedding Party

Now, your wedding party, on both the groom and bride’s side, can make or break your Wedding Day. It is easy to take for granted just how important and essential they are to the success of the wedding. They are in charge of organizing everyone on the altar before the bride walks down the aisle, making sure the Ordained Minister is ready to perform, and of course are entrusted with your Wedding rings. Taking care of your wedding party means making sure your groomsmen and bridesmaids are looked after. This means you need to show them that you value them as friends, and the help they have given you. Make sure they know just how much you appreciate them as friends and appreciate everything they do for you especially during this hectic and stressful time. Look at bridesmaid gifts and wedding favors that you can use to reward your wedding party for all their hard work and diligence over the years.

Structure for the Day

Every wedding day requires structure and planning, and yours should be no different. You need to be able to plan things out and ensure that you have the perfect experience on the day. This is something you need to make sure you get right as best you can and ensure that you have planned everything out as effectively as you can. It is a good idea to write down a list days before the wedding of everything you plan on doing and dedicating a certain amount of time for each activity. It is essential that you do this days before the wedding day because there is a 100% chance that something unplanned will happen and will need immediate attention. If you have your whole day planned out with specific amount of time dedicated to each activity, the guaranteed ‘day of emergency’ will not seem as hectic and stressful due to you having everything but your thoughts planned out.

A wedding is a big day, and you need to know that you have planned it all out as well as you can. These are some of the most important things to consider, and they matter a lot in the grand scheme of things. So, you have to make sure you focus on improving the day and making it as memorable and enjoyable as possible.