Elektrobit upgrades MID design with haptic technology

Intel Developer Forum 2009 – Elektrobit has upgraded its MID
reference design with support for 3D, plasma desktop
and haptic technology.

“Leveraging haptics makes it possible for end-users to touch and
manipulate objects effortlessly, which is vital to exceeding user
expectations of what a device should deliver,” explained EB spokesperson Vesa Kiviranta. “The intuitiveness brought forth by advanced technological features in
our reference design further adds to our credibility and extensive
knowledge of the MID market.”

According to Kiviranta, Elektrobit has collaborated with Intel and Ericsson on MID design since 2007.

“We’ve [used] our expertise and understanding of MIDs to transform basic concepts into cutting-edge designs that would enhance the end-user experience,” said Kiviranta.

Kiviranta also noted that Elektrobit offers MID reference designs that can be easily customized to fit a specific target market  – along with a variety of cellular connectivity options.