Electrical Linear Actuators Myths Debunked

Electrical linear actuators are extremely famous, and are among the most sold linear actuators in the world. However, there seem to be several myths regarding them out there.

Latest reports suggest that electrical linear actuators are in more demand than other linear actuators, but at the same time many buyers stay away from them due to rumors or myths.

There is a dire need to remove these myths so that more people can enjoy the benefits of electrical linear actuators.

We spoke to experts at powerjackmotion.com to know more about such myths and debunk them. Let’s have a look:

Myth#1 – They Aren’t Suitable For Rough Environment

Harsher environment requires a powerful actuator such as a hydraulic actuator. This is what many people believe in. At one time, this was indeed the truth but not any more.

Electrical actuators are now stronger than ever, thanks to better technology and stronger parts. As a result, they can work even in the harshest of condition without any trouble.

If they are kept well maintained and operated properly, they can carry out smooth operations in the roughest of environments.

Myth#2 – They Aren’t Reliable Compared To Other Actuators

It is often thought that electrical actuators aren’t reliable, but it is nothing more than a myth. In fact, many reports suggest that they can last longer than other types of linear actuators, given that they are carefully operated and properly maintained.

If we compare them to other actuators, they have the simplest design and system. There aren’t any hose, pumps or reservoirs in them, which is why they are very easy to maintain. Moreover, due to the simple design, it is very easy to replace malfunctioning parts, a perk that is exclusive to electrical linear actuators.

This proves that they are much more reliable than other types of actuators.

Myth#3 – They Are More Expensive

Again, wrong. Firstly, it must be mentioned that the price largely depends on the quality of an actuator.

There are many sellers on the market, each having a different price. Still, overall, electrical actuators are on the same line as other types of actuators in terms of price.

The myth mainly exists due to the presence of electric motors in them, however this does not impact the cost must.

Moreover, electrical linear rotators help you save other costs as well since they are energy efficient and require less maintenance.

Myth#4 – They Require A Lot Of Maintenance

Truth be told, electrical linear actuators require very minimal maintenance because of the internal circuit system they have.

You just have to follow the tips given by the manufacturer, and you will have no problem with the actuator.


The reality is that electrical actuators have come a long way and are still evolving and improving in the world of actuators. If you need an actuator, you should definitely consider electrical linear actuators since they tend to offer more benefits than other actuators out there.