Easy tethering arrives on Android

Are you interested in tethering your Android smartphone but just don’t have the time or patience to follow lines of technical instructions?

Well, you may want to check out Tether – an easy to use app that eliminates the hassle typically associated with linking a smartphone to a laptop.

“[Yes], some [readers] may ask why users would want to [deploy] Tether for Android when there are other players in the market and with Android’s built-in tethering option,” a Tether spokesperson acknowledged in an e-mailed statement to TG Daily.

“[But] to compare to Android’s built-in [options], you don’t require having the latest OS – which some phones may never be able to upgrade to.

“[In addition], our product runs through your existing data plan. [And remember], in some cases carriers may chose not to allow the built-in solution to work.”

Tether for Android is currently available for Windows-based PCs and operates over a USB cable connection.

However, the company is currently working on adding Mac (OS X) and Bluetooth support, which will be rolled out to users as an upgrade at no additional cost.

Tether for Android is can be downloaded here for $25 until Friday, November 19th.

Note: A free, 7 day trial version is also available.