€5K cellphone has concierge on call

In a sign that some, at least, believe the credit crunch must be over, a UK company has launched a €5,000 cellphone.

For that price, you might expect diamond-encrusted keys, but the Vertu Constellation Ayxta is actually made from “aerospace grade” stainless steel, leather and ceramic.

The reason for the high price tag is that it comes complete with a Concierge service. A special button connects the user to a 24-hour ‘lifestyle manager’ who can book plane tickets, send gifts or book tradesmen.

Another service – the City Brief – alters the handset’s timezone on arrival in a new country and gives advice on local highlights and events.

The Ayxta is actually pretty small beer for Nokia subsidiary Vertu. Previous models include a titanium cellphone encrusted with diamonds.

Perry Oosting, Vertu’s newly appointed president, commented: “The Vertu Constellation Ayxta is a continuation of the brand’s quest to provide an outstanding collection of true luxury mobile phones and accessories for exceptional individuals.”

You don’t even get a SIM card with the phone, although Vertu says it’s compatible with any operator. It’s available round the world from this week, with prices between €4,900 and €6,500.