E-Reader madness continues: buy a Kobo, get a $20 gift card

After Amazon chopped down the Kindle 2 price and Barnes & Noble introduced a cheaper Nook, Borders is now offering a $20 gift card to anyone who buys its e-reading device, the Kobo.

The Kobo had been the cheapest e-reader on the market, but was recently kicked off that pedestal when Barnes & Noble introduced a new Nook that strips away its 3G connection but still has Wi-Fi, at a Kobo-matching price of $150.

In response, Borders is now giving Kobo buyers a $20 Borders gift card instantly. Additionally, Borders Rewards members will earn double credit for the purchase, giving them enough points for a $10 reward certificate.

Amazon has also reduced the price of its Kindle 2, the current mainstream Kindle model, down to $189. It all emphasizes just how much pressure there is in the growing e-reader market.

Apple’s iPad is stealing the thunder away from all dedicated reading devices, but consumers still appreciate the fact that gadgets like the Kindle have special screen display technology that reduces strain on the eyes caused by typical LCD screens like the one used in the iPad.